Spring Fling Paintball

Our past bowling party was such a blast so we all decided to challenge ourselves to paintball. Cary office versus Pinehurst. We all thought that paintball might hurt so we tossed around the idea of laser tag instead but decided to go for the gusto and stuck to the paintball idea. Apparently, Raleigh has several different paintball options so we chose Black River Paintball in Angier. Everyone was asked to bring someone so we had a mix of our staff and their friends, spouses, former employees and it was awesome. Let me tell you for those who have never played before….paintball hurts! Dr. Wiist was the first to hit me right in the butt…..OW! Everyone got hit, except Eujenia. I teased her for cowering in fear behind a tree but she swears she was playing…she just didn’t end up taking one for the team We crawled through the mud….ran through the forest course and dodged behind anything we could find. Even Ovi, who is a grandmother, was out on the field aiming and shooting! We played amongst ourselves and then a group of 12 year olds who were at the paintball facility for a birthday party challenged us to capture the flag. Since the teams were uneven in terms of number I asked them to pick any two staff from our team to play for theirs. Their leader picked Erikka and Matt from our Cary office. These 12 year old gave us a good fight. They were actually very sophisticated plyers as I found when I was crawling through the mud on my hands and knees and one of them threw a smoke bomb my way. Clever! I could barely see and then the paintball came and splattered all over me. The only thing I want to know is….when can we play again and how is it that we played for three hour and I still didn’t get Andrea!

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