Welcome to the office of Dr. Geeta Bhat and Associates. We are happy that you have chosen us as your dental office. We make it our mission to provide families with great dental care and to make it affordable. We accept all insurances including Medicaid because there is no good reason not to…. we are here to help.

I own a children’s dental practice in Cary, NC and we always have parents that say that they wish that their dentist had an office that was designed like their kids office to be fun, colorful and lively. That is exactly how our Pinehurst office was designed. There is nothing “corporate” about us. This office is a pure reflection of who we are as people. It is relaxed, friendly and easy going like all of us who work here. The atmosphere is colorful and the music is always on to keep you grooving to the beat.

We wanted the office to have a fun theme that everyone could relate to so our office mascot is the blue cat. Cats are fun, furry and feel like home. The cat theme was inspired by my cool blue cat Tallulah, a British Short Hair that came to live with us many years ago. Tallulah also inspired our Blue Bucks rewards program which encourages kids to do great at their visit so they can earn bucks and buy prizes. This program is always a huge hit and never loses its excitement for both kids and staff.

We have three general dentists on staff, Dr. Perkins and Dr. Strayhorn who both see adults and Dr. Bhat who sees kids. If you have a dental need then we have someone to see you…it is that easy. We look forward to meeting your family!


Geeta Bhat, DDS